Purposed Pathways to Learning

Helping children with learning disorders, struggling students, and adults strengthen their memory, sharpen attention, boost processing speed, and increase critical thinking through individualized in person and online sessions.

A Purposed Approach

Pathways to Building & Strengthening Cognitive Skills

Pathways to Improving and Supporting Memory and Critical Thinking

Pathways for Developing Critical Thinking While Learning at Home

Developmental and Synergistic

I offer a developmental and synergistic approach to building and strengthening the thinking skills of children and adults. This includes designing individualized plans that meet clients where they are and practicing therapeutic exercises to develop their weak cognitive skills. While some clients are students struggling to keep up academically and think critically, others are students who have a diagnosis of autism, ADD/ADHD, dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, sensory processing disorders, or concussion syndrome. I also serve all ages of adults struggling with mental fatigue or their memory.

Because the brain does not develop in isolation, I take a synergistic approach incorporating mind and body health, neurodevelopment, sensory-motor development, and cognitive development into a strategic plan designed for each client.


Building and Strengthening

Cognitive Skills

As I work with children and adults, my goal is to target the need of each client and design an individualized course of action. I focus on building and strengthening cognitive weaknesses that are often experienced in one or more areas such as reading, listening, communicating, perception, understanding, writing, spelling, mathematics, organizing, self-control, reasoning, or social skills.

Developing and Supporting

Memory and Critical Thinking

Developing cognitive skills including working memory, processing speed, visual and auditory processing, attention, reasoning, and comprehension supports critical thinking. Individualized plans are designed for those who recognize the need to tune-up their memory or sharpen their critical thinking.

Jessica Stearns Rehabilitation Practitioner

Meet Jessica

I agree with the idea that resilience requires developing skills in the areas of connectivity, autonomy, efficacy, and compassion. I also believe that maturing in these areas is facilitated by our ability to perceive our relationships and environments accurately and reason soundly in order to respond rightly to the challenges we face. Our ability to perceive accurately, reason aptly, and respond rightly are linked to cognitive skills that undergird learning and increase resilience.

As a cognitive development practitioner and critical thinking coach, I am motivated to serve people who demonstrate weak cognitive skills that impede learning and undermine resilience. While presenting symptoms may be recognized as dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, processing disorders, memory disorders, ADD/ADHD, concussion syndrome, struggles with executive functions, and autism, I look to exercise the underlying cognitive functions through specific strategies. It has been a privilege for me to work with a diverse population of people; from creating and implementing an early intervention reading program for at-risk children to preparing and presenting brain health workshops designed to improve memory skills for seniors.

I am a Level 3 Equipping Minds practitioner and am certified to teach psychology. In addition to a Master of Education degree focused on Human Development and Cognitive Psychology, I hold a Bachelor of Science in Psychology with an emphasis on coaching. My teaching experience includes writing K-12 lesson plans using a Classically oriented, Concept-Based approach to develop cognitive skills and increase critical thinking. Today, continuing coursework adds to my education and experience informing my work with all clients. 

-Jessica Stearns

“During her time at our Retirement Community, Jessica led a neuro-reflex and brain strengthening workshop. This health exercise program, designed to stimulate memory, was well received by our residents. They continuously ask for her return. She is a pleasure to work with, professional, and cheerful. Her communication and people skills are excellent, and she has very innovative ideas.”

Kristin W., Resident Life Director

“Our son was struggling with his schoolwork despite his eagerness and interest in learning. He was diagnosed with dysgraphia and orthographic processing issues, but our school system was unable to help him. After completing 60 hours of online sessions with Ms. Stearns, and engaging in the sensory-motor development and neuro-development components of his program, my son is now confident in his academic abilities which has, in turn, improved his self-esteem. He no longer shies away from handwriting and has reported that his critical thinking has improved and he ‘doesn’t get stuck as much as he used to.’ I was struck with how she incorporated his whole self into her teaching. We would gladly work with her again if the need arose.”

Lee A., Clinical Art Therapist

“I loved working with her. At first I thought it was going to be annoying and boring, but she made it fun and she would understand if I wasn’t feeling well. And she’s a very nice person over-all. And she helped me improve my academic life.”

Matthew M., six grade student

“Jessica provided therapy for my ten-year-old son who struggled with memorizing, reading, and writing. She was very patient, encouraging, and committed to helping him feel empowered and successful. He finished the program feeling confident to learn. We were amazed by the results! I am happy to show others his progress from the start to finish of cognitive therapy with Jessica.”

Sarah P., parent

“Jessica was great to work with. She customized my coaching to fit what I needed to work on. She was always available to answer questions. The sessions were always interesting and I walked away from each session with a different way of looking at things. She presented me with topics to read that helped me develop. I would work with her again.”

Liz D., coaching client

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Helping children with learning disorders, struggling students, and adults strengthen their memory, sharpen attention, boost processing speed, and increase critical thinking through individualized online sessions. Please submit your information and you will be called to schedule your complimentary consultation.


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