Sound Therapy Synergy offers a therapeutic program that uses carefully programmed recordings of classical music and narrated stories to restore normal ear-brain function. By producing music that uses spectral filtering and activation, Sound Therapy delivers recordings that stimulate the entire auditory pathway, from the eardrum to the auditory cortex of the brain. This concentrated listening program supports learning and memory, enhances hearing, listening, and auditory processing; and reduces stress, anxiety, and insomnia.

Sound Therapy helps to enhance the six essential elements of brain and ear performance that affect our ability to receive, process, and respond accurately to information learned through direct communication and indirectly from the environment. This personalized program of audio stimulation engages brain plasticity to build and organize brain connections.

The interaction between the ear and brain is demonstrated in the diagram on the right illustrating the six essential elements of brain and ear performance.


Six Essential Elements Of Brain

The Sound Therapy Synergy Program provides you with the highest quality, therapeutic listening program that is professionally supported, convenient, portable, ideal for all ages, and costs approximately one tenth of the cost of clinic-based programs with the added advantage of owning the equipment yourself.

Listening Machine for Children's

Children's Program

Ages 3-7 years old, $399.00

plus shipping

Listening Machine for Older Children's

Older Children's Program

Ages 8-13 years old, $499.00

plus shipping

Listening Machine for Family Program

Family Program

Headphones Included, $1,199.00

plus shipping

Listening Machine  for Adult‘s

Adult Program

Ages 14 and up, Headphones Included, $699.00

plus shipping

Resolve & Release Listening Machine

Resolve & Release


plus shipping

Inner Peace Listening Machine

Inner Peace


plus shipping

Please contact me with questions you may have regarding the Sound Therapy Synergy Listening Program and how it can help you.

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Meet Jessica

I agree with the idea that resilience requires developing skills in the areas of connectivity, autonomy, efficacy, and compassion. I also believe that maturing in these areas is facilitated by our ability to perceive our relationships and environments accurately and reason soundly in order to respond rightly to the challenges we face. Our ability to perceive accurately, reason aptly, and respond rightly are linked to cognitive skills that undergird learning and increase resilience.

As a cognitive development practitioner and critical thinking coach, I am motivated to serve people who demonstrate weak cognitive skills that impede learning and undermine resilience. While presenting symptoms may be recognized as dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, processing disorders, memory disorders, ADD/ADHD, concussion syndrome, struggles with executive functions, and autism, I look to exercise the underlying cognitive functions through specific strategies. It has been a privilege for me to work with a diverse population of people; from creating and implementing an early intervention reading program for at-risk children to preparing and presenting brain health workshops designed to improve memory skills for seniors.

I am a Level 3 Equipping Minds practitioner and am certified to teach psychology. In addition to a Master of Education degree focused on Human Development and Cognitive Psychology, I hold a Bachelor of Science in Psychology with an emphasis on coaching. My teaching experience includes writing K-12 lesson plans using a Classically oriented, Concept-Based approach to develop cognitive skills and increase critical thinking. Today, continuing coursework adds to my education and experience informing my work with all clients.

-Jessica Stearns